Lingerie physical support force is stronger

Lingerie physical support force is stronger, can avoid action acuteness when, because the breast shakes is overmuch and graze tit. Sporty Lingerie can prevent double breast to sway too much, shoulder band stability is high, suit acuteness motion to use most. Lingerie is best is the design that wraps hip completely, flexibility is good. Lingerie needs to match body shape and mood, also should pay attention to the design of outer garment, material and wearing place to wait, if you can consider these aspects to be all over the place, your savor and culture are likely to be promoted to a higher level. When matching Lingerie and coats, consider the following:

The emphasis on the undergarment is worthy of any adjective. Because this kind of dress itself is on “avant-garde” with “vulgar” steel wire. If Lingerie is chosen incorrectly, the result is “catastrophic.” Generally speaking, at this time the price of an Lingerie is never inferior to the coat, the demand is beautiful and delicate can be worn outside and do not hurt weathering

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